Wedding Music Misconceptions


Before deciding on a DJ or musical entertainment for your wedding, please take note of some of the truths about some of the most common stereotypes about these service providers.


One common concern about hiring a band is that each 40-45 minute set they play will be followed by a 15-20 minute break filled with music from a compilation CD that will bore guests and cause them to vacate the dance floor. But you can manage your band’s / entertainment’s need for downtime so that it doesn’t disrupt the party too much. Ask the band members to stagger their breaks so there’s live music throughout the night (it may cost an extra fee); guests will stay entertained and the dance floor will stay full.


A good DJ usually knows how to read the crowd and keep them satisfied, but ultimately they want to play what you want to hear, but you have to communicate your tastes clearly. Don’t rely on words alone, since terms like ‘dance music’, ‘rock’, and ‘slow songs’ are vague and can easily be misinterpreted. To make sure you are on the same music style page, give them a playlist and a do-not-play list. Most DJ’s want brides and grooms to customize the playlist. People today have grown up with choice and personalization, and professional music suppliers will understand that.


You can give your DJ a mile-long playlist, but you shouldn’t try to micromanage the music. To some extent, your lists should be guidelines for the mix master, not hard-and-fast rules. Your DJ should know the genre you’re interested in, but let him choose the best way to mix the music – after all, it’s his / her job to keep people on the dance floor. Give your band some flexibility to react to the crowd and adjust the tempo accordingly. When you hire somebody to bake a cake, you can tell them what flavors to use, but you don’t try to tell them how much flour or what kind of sugar to put in. It’s the same with DJ’s / musicians – you need to trust that they know what to do.


You’d be surprised by the musical depth a quality wedding band can offer. One indication that a band has versatility is if they have more than one singer – if they have both male and female vocalists, for example, chances are they’re open to a wider range of songs. Though a band may specialize in a style (like big band or soul), they’re professional musicians and should be able to stray at least a little from their niche. And if a few of the songs you have your heart set on aren’t in the band’s repertoire, simply ask them to learn the songs before your wedding.


Although a DJ almost always costs less than a band, that doesn’t mean you should cheap out on this vendor. If you’re willing to pay for a top-notch DJ, you can get way more than somebody to play songs. A great DJ will talk to your photographer and tell him which songs are coming next. Photographers capture the Kodak moments; it is the DJ’s job to create the opportunity for them to occur.


If you can afford it, you can have the best of both forms of entertainment. Either hire a DJ to spin while the band is on break (and to be your emcee), or divide the evening into two portions. Another option is to hire a band for your reception and a DJ to spin at the after-party. Or, if you can’t spring for a whole band, see about combining just a few live musicians with a DJ. Some companies create packages where, for example, the musicians will play for the ceremony and during cocktail hour, then complement the DJ during the dancing.


Some couples request that their entertainers play 50’s rock or big band-style songs early on to please their older guests, and then switch over to more lively beats so the younger crowd can dominate the floor until last call. But it can be more fun for you and your guests if you have your band or DJ mix it up throughout the night. Alternating between speeds, styles, and eras of music will keep wedding guests of all ages more engaged and encourage them to broaden the range of music they’ll boogie to, with truly memorable results.

Tips for choosing your entrance song


For many brides, the entrance song for the ceremony is one of the most important song choices of the day. It is this moment that you have dreamt about since you were a little girl and such a special moment deserves a special companion.

Whether you want to glide down the aisle to a tune that has your friends and family reaching for the hankies, or something a bit more upbeat to get the celebrations under way, there are various options to consider – from live entertainment to a specially selected song played by your trusted DJ.

While it is common to have different songs for the bridesmaids and the bride, there is no right or wrong and you can only have one if you’d like. Although you might plan to take your time walking down the aisle, in reality it will take less than a minute (or shorter if your nerves get the better of you!) and to change from one song to another in such a short time can affect the flow of the music and your grand entrance.

When choosing the actual song, it is a good idea to select something that is personal or special to you. As mentioned before, it is your day and anything goes – even if you choose to dance down the aisle. Even if you think the original song is not appropriate for a wedding ceremony, having it performed by a string quartet gives the song a classical twist, perfect for any ceremony.

For those of you looking for something traditional then your first considerations should be the Bridal Chorus by Wagner, or Canon in D by Pachelbel.

If you need some inspiration for a more contemporary song choice, consider:

Grand Piano Cover – Jasmine Thompson,A Thousand Years – Christina Perri, Footprints in the Sand – Leona Lewis, Make You Feel My Love – Adele, Marry You – Bruno Mars, One Day Like This – Elbow, Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis, All of Me – John Legend, Stay With Me – Sam Smith, Kissing You – Des’ree, Your Song – Elton John, Songbird – Fleetwood Mac and Glasgow Love Theme – Love Actually. Enya also has a few beautiful songs to consider and classical instrumental renditions of your favourite songs, can also have an amazing impact.

 ~ Finally, here are a few tips for making sure your arrival goes as smoothly as possible ~

  1. Once you hear the minister ask your guests to stand for your entrance, wait until you hear the music before you start to walk down the aisle.
  2. Don’t worry about timing your walk to the music – any kind of practiced walk will probably go out of the window once your nerves and excitement kicks in.
  3. Once everyone in the bridal party has reached the end of the aisle, the DJ will stop at an appropriate point in the music, so don’t worry about timing the music to the length of the aisle – that’s their job.
  4. If you have young children in your bridal party, try to fit in a quick practice walk down the aisle before the ceremony, even if it’s without the music, so that they know what to expect.
  5. Do try to take your time – you might want to race to the front to get to your handsome groom, but you will only do this once so make the most of it and enjoy the music you have chosen!

6 tips for choosing the perfect first dance song

love for ever 2

Your first dance as a married couple is very important and will have all eyes on you, so your choice has to be perfect. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect one.

1. Choose something meaningful

If you have two left feet, hide it behind a song that means a lot to you as couple. Feeling passionate and emotional about something, will draw your guests’ attention to you as a couple and not to your feet – slow music also usually works best when you are not big on dancing.

2. Consider your options
If you don’t know where to start, you should look through your own music and the playlists of your fiancé, and see if there are any songs that jump out at you and make your heart race an extra beat. Start with those options first. If the song is too much Rock ’n Roll (is that even possible) or too fast paced, you can always look up the acoustic version of the song and see if it’s a good first dance fit.

3. Google it

Google is an amazing source of information and can help you see what other couples did at their weddings or what the latest hits are, so you and hubby-to-be can start brainstorming about what would work well for you.

4. Try them out

If you’re torn between a couple of options, put them on and practice your first dance. See which one feels right and makes you look good.

5. Do your own mix

Most DJ’s are flexible and real talented when it comes to mixing songs. If you want to do something a little different or combine a couple of your favorite songs, do it! You can even switch between a slow song and a more upbeat dance track.

6. Get an expert opinion

Your DJ has a lot of experience when it comes to weddings. The best idea is to ask him for some suggestions. A professional DJ will most certainly have a list of options to consider.


Good luck with selecting a first dance song, may the best track win!

Your Wedding Music Checklist

Businessman Brainstorming And Writing Notes

Are you worried that you have not selected music for all of the formalities on your wedding day? Here is a checklist to help you make all the necessary selections.

Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming, therefore it is important to have checklists in place to help you remember everything that needs to be done.

We have a Wedding Music Checklist that we send to all of our clients to ensure that they make all the selections needed to make a success of their wedding day. It also helps us to know exactly what you want played and when… this way we avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings on the day and you can relax and enjoy the function.

Click here to download your free Wedding Music Checklist.

If you have booked us as your DJ, please return it to us no later than a month before your big day.

Why a professional Wedding DJ is essential for your Big Day


Choose wisely when you decide on the music provider for your special day, as it is a lot more important than you might think. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making this important decision.


Weddings are expensive and couples are often saving on things they consider to be less important to allow budget for things like décor, flowers and the wedding dress. Your wedding DJ can make or break your special day, so before asking a family member or low cost DJ to save money, take the following aspects into consideration before making your decision.


  • Experience: Music play an extremely important role in the success of your wedding day. It creates the atmosphere and reflects your personality as a couple. Even the most sophisticated equipment cannot replace an experienced DJ, who not only has the ability to select the perfect music for each section of your special day and read the crowd, but also understands your music needs and taste as a couple. A good DJ will also have brilliant recommendations when it comes to the music selection for certain formalities.


  • Legal implications: A professional DJ must be registered with an institution like SAMRO to be able to legally play music in a public forum. A DJ who is not registered can get into big trouble… and surely you do not want to take such a risk on your wedding day. We are registered and more than able to make a huge musical success of your big day.


  • State-of-the-art equipment: Sound equipment have an impact on the quality of sound that will be delivered on your special day. A professional DJ will have good, reliable equipment (and back-ups) that will not only deliver impeccable sound, but will also be in a good and neat condition because it must blend in with the décor at your reception.


  • Variety: A professional DJ will have a wide variety of music available, ranging from the hits of yesteryear to the latest chart toppers in the language and genres of your choice. A good DJ will also go the extra mile to get a specific song that he might not have, to ensure that all your music dreams come true on your wedding day.


  • Reliability: In the event that your DJ falls ill or has a personal crisis, a professional DJ service will be able to send an experienced replacement in his place to take over. Back-up equipment will also be available in case of a technical problem and your DJ will stick to your well-planned program to ensure that your special day runs smoothly and according to schedule.


  • High quality extras: Good quality lighting and a fog machine can help create the most beautiful atmosphere for your first dance and a professional DJ will have these items available.