6 tips for choosing the perfect first dance song

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Your first dance as a married couple is very important and will have all eyes on you, so your choice has to be perfect. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect one.

1. Choose something meaningful

If you have two left feet, hide it behind a song that means a lot to you as couple. Feeling passionate and emotional about something, will draw your guests’ attention to you as a couple and not to your feet – slow music also usually works best when you are not big on dancing.

2. Consider your options
If you don’t know where to start, you should look through your own music and the playlists of your fiancé, and see if there are any songs that jump out at you and make your heart race an extra beat. Start with those options first. If the song is too much Rock ’n Roll (is that even possible) or too fast paced, you can always look up the acoustic version of the song and see if it’s a good first dance fit.

3. Google it

Google is an amazing source of information and can help you see what other couples did at their weddings or what the latest hits are, so you and hubby-to-be can start brainstorming about what would work well for you.

4. Try them out

If you’re torn between a couple of options, put them on and practice your first dance. See which one feels right and makes you look good.

5. Do your own mix

Most DJ’s are flexible and real talented when it comes to mixing songs. If you want to do something a little different or combine a couple of your favorite songs, do it! You can even switch between a slow song and a more upbeat dance track.

6. Get an expert opinion

Your DJ has a lot of experience when it comes to weddings. The best idea is to ask him for some suggestions. A professional DJ will most certainly have a list of options to consider.


Good luck with selecting a first dance song, may the best track win!

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